Town Club Dress Code

A dress code upholds a welcoming environment for adults and families alike and sets the standards of a first-class establishment. Distinguished by the strength of our traditions, this holds as true today as it did when Jonathan Club was founded, and why a dress code is still enforced. If ever in doubt what to wear at the Club conservative attire is recommended.


How is the dress code enforced?

Management has full discretion by the Board of Directors to determine and enforce what constitutes appropriate attire.

Are there any exceptions?

Only when authorized by the Board of Directors and management, and noted on the announcement of the event.

Who does the dress code apply to?

It applies to all persons, members and guests, 10 and older. It is the responsibility of the members to inform their guests, prior to their visit, of the dress code and other house rules.

In keeping with the intended atmosphere of the Town Club, members and their guests are required to wear conservative and appropriate clothing at all times while on Club property. Persons who are not appropriately dressed will not be allowed to use the Club's facilities. Members will be held responsible for the attire of their families, privilege holders, visitors and their respective guests. These Rules apply to all persons age 10 and above. Since the dress code changes from time to time, it is suggested that members check with management prior to entering the Club regarding any questions about the current dress code.

Weekdays: Business Casual

The minimum standard required at the Town Club on weekdays is business casual, day and night. Business casual is required on all floors except the 3rd (which is more formal) and in the athletic facilities on the 5th and 6th Floors.

Men: Collared shirt (including polo shirt) tucked in, slacks (or khakis) and closed-toe leather shoes, deck shoes or athletic shoes. Turtleneck and mock-turtleneck shirts are allowed if worn with a collared dress sport jacket.

Women: Dress, skirt, pantsuit or slacks and blouse, sweater or top and dress shoes (including open or closed-toe shoes, mules, loafers and dressy sandals).

Weekends and Friday Lunch in the Cape Cod Room

Weekend Relaxed Attire. Weekend relaxed attire will be permitted at Friday lunch in the Cape Cod and on Saturdays and Sundays (and holidays from time to time designated by the Board) everywhere in the Club other than in The Grill on the 2nd Floor and on the 3rd Floor. Weekend relaxed attire includes:

Men: Collared shirt (including polo shirt), slacks, khakis, jeans and closed-toe leather shoes or deck shoes or athletic shoes.

Women: Dress, skirt, slacks, khakis, jeans with sweater, shirt or top and open or closed-toe shoes, mules, loafers, dressy sandals or athletic shoes.

Evening Attire in The Grill

After 5:30 p.m. in The Grill on the 2nd Floor, the same as Business Casual except that collared dress jackets (with or without neckties) are required for men.

3rd Floor

Men: Business suit or collared dress sport jacket, collared shirt, necktie and closed-toe leather dress shoes or equivalent military, religious or public agency attire.

Women: An equivalent standard as for the men, such as dress, business suit, pantsuit, blouse, skirt, tailored slacks and dress shoes (including open or closed-toe shoes, mules, loafers and dressy sandals), or equivalent military, religious or public agency attire.

Athletic Attire

General athletic wear is required when using the equipment in the athletic facilities on the 5th and 6th Floors, and is permitted in the garage, the lounge adjacent to the Barbershop, and on the Fremont Street elevator. Street attire is not permitted when exercising.

Unacceptable Town Club Attire

The following attire is not allowed in public areas of the Town Club:

General Attire: Denim jeans (excepting in the Barbershop and adjacent lounge, Friday Lunch in the Cape Cod Room, and Saturdays and Sundays); shorts; sweats (including leggings, warm-ups and jogging suits in all fabrics), other than in the gym; soiled, frayed, bleached or torn clothing; exposed underwear; bare midriffs; or excessively revealing clothing or clothing which, in the judgment of the staff, might be offensive to members or guests.

Hats: Visors, formal and casual hats (except for women's dress hats, which are allowed).

Shoes: Rubber flip-flops, men's clogs, men's sandals, or men's open-toe shoes.

Exceptions to the Dress Code

Special events with the advance written approval of the Board.

Ingress or egress to the front desk and overnight accommodations. If inappropriately dressed, such person(s) will be asked to enter the Club through the entrance through the lounge adjacent to the Barbershop.

Children under 10 years of age (but they still must wear appropriate attire for their age).

Members of the clergy and persons in military uniform.

Adjacent spaces at the Town Club, such as the Barbershop and adjacent lounge area, and Bellevue Terrace.

In the garage foyer; and while using the Fremont Street elevator.