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A place where passionate people come to live a life inspired

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Jonathans represent generations of thought-leaders and innovators. They are energetic, curious, and aspire to make the most out of life. An eclectic mix of individuals united by a shared legacy. At Jonathan Club, we believe in the power of diversity, the importance of community, and the impact of positive action — inspiring others along the way.

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No Ordinary Life

No Ordinary Life

Jonathans live no ordinary life. This means enjoying family and friends in comfortable spaces and discovering new opportunities that make a lasting impression. With over 300 social events, an array of culinary adventures, and a calendar of classes, workshops, and speaker-series to choose from, our experience thrives through engagement.

Movers and Makers of change

Movers and Makers of change

Jonathans are inspired by the world around them, and are committed to making it a better place. We are ignited by the opportunity to connect with others, to make a meaningful difference, and to achieve great things. From dedicated service days with community non-profits, to raising awareness and funding on social issues, we aim to empower compassionate advancement in our city.

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Legendary Never gets Old

Never gets Old

Jonathans have been making history for generations, and our membership roster reflects the great leaders of Los Angeles from its early beginnings. Today, we celebrate signature club traditions that span over a century in the making, while continually evolving, innovating, and embracing all that is new.


Every club has its own sphere to fill and the membership of the Jonathan is made up largely of the active spirits who within the next 20 years are likely to carve out a considerable part of the destiny of Los Angeles.



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Chartered in 1895 as a “purely social club”, Jonathan Club arose alongside Los Angeles' transformation from frontier town to booming metropolis. As railroads connected Southern California to the rest of the nation, the city became a magnet for ambitious entrepreneurs and innovators. Through the decades of growth, Jonathan Club stood as a nexus of progress for the bright minds. Frequented by luminaries like Edward Dickson, Harry Huntington, and Buster Keaton, the club bore witness to formative moments in LA history, including the conception of UCLA during a lunchtime discussion.

Vintage Group Photo 1895-1924


As Los Angeles entered a Golden Age of growth and prosperity in the roaring 1920s, Jonathan Club commissioned new designed by acclaimed architects Leonard Schultze and S. Fullerton Weaver. Opened in 1925, the stunning 13-story, Renaissance Revival building on 6th and Figueroa provided a sophisticated setting where business tycoons, Hollywood stars and politicians could see and be seen. Through era-defining events like the '32 Olympics, the club fostered connections and bold ideas, helping Los Angeles emerge as an unrivaled cultural and entrepreneurial capital in the 1930s.

1859 Club Inauguration 1925-1934


With Los Angeles cementing its status as the entertainment capital of the world in the late 1930s, Jonathan Club expanded its oasis of luxury to the shores of Santa Monica, purchasing the idyllic Beach Club location along the area's iconic sun-soaked coastline. When war erupted after Pearl Harbor, the Club contributed to the World War II effort by welcoming military officers of service and opening its flagship pool for training exercises. As rationing and industry retooling consumed Los Angeles, Jonathan Club remained a source of continuity and community, providing respite for members weathering the uncertainties of wartime.

Vintage Beach Rugby Team 1935-1944


As soldiers returned home to Los Angeles, the city rumbled with postwar energy and Jonathan Club buzzed as a nexus for revelry and society. While members brokered deals and alliances within the club's walls, their spouses and Hollywood starlets flocked to lavish charity balls and social events. During a time when old hierarchies came tumbling down, Jonathan Club continued to draw pioneers who shaped the civic landscape. This esteemed membership included Earl Warren, California’s governor and later Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. In 1954, Warren penned the Court’s landmark ruling in Brown v. Board of Education, declaring segregation in public schools unconstitutional.

Vintage Club Gathering Picture 1945-1964


Los Angeles entered an era of unrest in the late 20th century. The Watts riots of 1965 brought violent unrest and exposed racial divides haunting the city's sunshine image. Vietnam War protests rocked the city through the following decade, challenging authority and the establishment. As the city transformed amid rapid cultural shifts, the club evolved as well, becoming more inclusive to emerging voices and influences. By 1984, the world gaze fell on Los Angeles for the Summer Olympics, and the city took the opportunity to reinvent itself once more.

Old Picture of Dominoes Players 1965-1984


As Los Angeles entered a new chapter of prosperity and promise, Jonathan Club mirrored the city's inclusive, forward-looking spirit. With women members now among its ranks, the club evolved beyond its origins to represent LA's rich diversity of backgrounds and accomplishments. In 1991, Jonathan Club presented its first Ronald Reagan Distinguished American Award, honoring exemplary United States citizens whose leadership and dedication to founding principles have guided the nation forward, a pillar that has endured since.

Man Reading Newspaper 1985-1994


Jonathan Club celebrated its centennial in 1995 with festivities honoring its legacy and embracing its future. As sustainability became a priority, the club installed a rooftop garden and apiary in 2010 to nourish members with organic produce and honey. The club also increasingly focused outward, holding its first Jonathan Club Service Day in 2011 to give back to the community. As Los Angeles planned grand infrastructural projects, Jonathan Club likewise enhanced its facilities while expanding programming on arts, culture, and civic engagement.

Vintage Gardening Picture 1995-2014


Entering its second century, Jonathan Club continues to reinvent spaces for its members, undertaking major renovations of its Town and Beach Club venues, including its historic natatorium, and dining outlets. Even amid a global pandemic, the Club sustained its community and hospitality with support from loyal members. The club also maintains its spirit of philanthropy, being awarded the Hope Street "Champions for Children Award" in 2022 for improving youth lives. Jonathan Club begins its next hundred years primed to convene, connect and inspire the visionaries who will shape Los Angeles’ future.

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