Beach Club Dress Code

We hope you feel the same comfort at Jonathan Club as you do in your own home. In keeping with our Club’s tradition however, we ask that you please familiarize yourself with our dress code.

There is an expected level of informality at a beach setting. However, the Club expects that attire on the beach and within the Club house will be appropriate, modest and in good taste. These Rules apply to all persons aged 10 years and above and are subject to management discretion.
Men: Collared shirt (including polo shirt), slacks, khakis, jeans and closed-toe shoes. Hats or caps and Bermuda shorts are not permitted.
Women: Dress, skirt, pantsuit or slacks and blouse, sweater or top, jeans, and dress shoes (including open or closed toe, loafers and dressy sandals). Bermuda shorts and hats or caps (other than dress hats) are not permitted.

Soiled, frayed, bleached or torn clothing; exposed underwear; bare midriffs; sweaty clothing, excessively revealing clothing or clothing which, in the judgment of staff, might be offensive to other members or guests.

Allowed in the Club House everywhere except the Main Dining Room.
Beach Informal is defined as all forms of casual clothing except swimsuits without cover-ups (towels not permitted) and men's tank-tops.

General athletic wear is required when using the equipment in the athletic facilities. Street attire is not permitted when exercising.

Members should exercise sound judgment and ensure that attire worn on the beach will not be offensive to other members or guests.


How is the dress code enforced?
Management has full discretion by the Board of Directors to determine and enforce what constitutes appropriate attire.

Are there any exceptions?
Only when authorized by the Board of Directors and management, and noted on the announcement of the event.

Who does the dress code apply to?
It applies to all persons, members and guests, 10 and older. It is the responsibility of the members to inform their guests, prior to their visit, of the dress code and other house rules.