Beach Club Dress Code

We hope you feel the same comfort at Jonathan Club as you do in your own home. In keeping with our Club’s tradition however, we ask that you please familiarize yourself with our dress code.

A dress code sets the standards of a welcoming environment for adults and families alike. Distinguished by the strength of our traditions, this holds as true today as it did when Jonathan Club was founded, and why a dress code is still enforced. If ever in doubt what to wear at the Club it is recommended to always err on the side of more conservative attire.


How is the dress code enforced?

Management has full discretion by the Board of Directors to determine and enforce what constitutes appropriate attire.

Are there any exceptions?

Only when authorized by the Board of Directors and management, and noted on the announcement of the event.

Who does the dress code apply to?

It applies to all persons, members and guests, 10 and older. It is the responsibility of the members to inform their guests, prior to their visit, of the dress code and other house rules.